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For those after a little more power and performance, the GASGAS EC 350F is our mid-size 4-stroke that offers playful and agile handling for endless fun between the trees. It's our perfect, do-it-all dirt bike designed for day long fun no matter what the conditions. Fitted with a Braktec hydraulic clutch for a consistent, maintenance-free operation, the EC 350F is also equipped with a super-reliable and smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission, supple WP suspension, and a whole host of enduro specific components to ensure a next-level riding experience. You're gonna love it!


All red and all-new! Fully redesigned from front to back, the sleek bodywork is incredibly ergonomic with larger contact surfaces and an improved rider triangle further enhancing control. The rad shrouds are shaped to help better grip the bike as you get on the gas. There's also a super grippy seat cover keeping you sat exactly where you need to be.


A new generation enduro bike is nothing without a new frame, right? Playful handling continues for 2024 as the best traits from the old frame - the razor-sharp cornering and confidence-inspiring straight line stability - are retained. But somehow, our engineering wizards have made this bike handle even better! They've done this by improving the anti-squat behavior for maximum traction when exiting corners and throughout the frame, the wall thickness has been revised in certain areas to enhance rider feedback and energy absorption. The frame is finished with a durable red powder coating and guards to prevent wear, which also offer a little extra grip for your boots too.


Everything about the EC 350F motor is all new for 2024. Making the already awesome motor even better, our engineers have refined all major components to maximise power and torque. It even helps to improve handling as it's positioned inside the frame tilting backwards slightly, to help centralize mass.


Fast is fun but quite often in enduro, you'll need to slow down in a real hurry! This is precisely why all GASGAS enduro bikes are fitted with the latest high quality BRAKTEC brake calipers and controls. With a 260mm disk up front and a 220mm disk at the rear, braking performance is seriously impressive, which inspires riders to push harder, ride faster, and brake later.


Rounding out the changes to the updated bodywork is the all-new LED headlight. Brighter by almost 3 times, it really lights the way when day turns to night. And should either the mask or light get damaged, the new two-piece design lets you replace only what's broken.


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